From Greek “inert”


It’s hard to feel the change in the natural environment around us. The elements of the world in which we live seem like eternal and immobile objects, existing on a temporal scale too wide for our limited perception of what surrounds us. This work is an attempt to perceive the changing processes taking place on the planet, making them visible in a human dimension, to contemplate the transformation of the natural world in time and to understand our relationship with it.


An ancient photographic technique is used to question what we see and the consequent process of representation. The canvas painted with photosensitive emulsion (cyanotype paint) is placed in contact with a tree and left exposed to sunlight and weather conditions for one day, becoming a kind of imprint that tries to record the inevitable passage of time and the transformation of matter. The cloth is not subjected to a washing and fixing process with water, thus continuing to change color over time, like a living surface with its autonomy.

The attempt of representation dissolves in the pursuit of something that cannot be grasped. There is no longer any correspondence with the starting organism and the object obtained by this process is revealed as an auratic presence in continuous transformation, totally abstract and indefinite. 

We can try to understand what we see but something inevitably escapes in the unbridgeable gap between the real and the way we invent a form in our mind.



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